Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seats Reviews

Baby is sitting at the Graco My Ride 65 while interacting with the mother

As a parent, one of your most fundamental roles is to protect your child at all costs, including baby proofing your home, purchasing appropriate bedding, and putting them in the safest sleeping position. Out of all the things you purchase before your child arrives, a car safety seat might be the most critical. Considering most births take place in a hospital, your baby will be put in danger on the road within the first few days of making an entrance to the world.

With that in mind, purchasing the right safety seat can be an overwhelming decision. The market is flooded with different brands, colors, shapes and sizes. Is a car seat carrier better for a newborn? Do you really need to get a convertible car seat? What is this LATCH system you keep reading about? How long does your baby need to be facing the back seat?

With so many questions and uncertainties, it can be easy to become paralyzed by this critical decision. That's where we come in. We take some of the guesswork out of the buying process. We have sifted through research and reviews to bring you the most up-to-date and pertinent information on child safety restraint systems. This article will focus on the Graco My Ride 65 Convertible car seat. If you're looking for a great product at a budget-friendly price, then continue reading to find out more information on this particular option.

Product Overview

Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat, Sully, One Size

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The first thing we look at when doing any kind of review of a product is the company who manufactures it. In case you don't know anything about Graco, we would like to provide you with some basic information.

How It Compares

We took a look at how the My Ride 65 measured up to similarly-priced products available on the market. We feel it's important to give you products you can compare to this product.

No products found.

The My Ride 65 has all the essential features to ensure your child stays secure and safe in your vehicle at all times. One secret to its ability to hold children rear-facing and front-facing so long is that the plastic shell is very deep. When it comes to holding a newborn, this deep recess allows the baby to be cradled and therefore feel more comforted and secured, as babies like this swaddling feeling. On the flip side, a larger child will also sink further back into the unit, thus allowing more leg room and protection. It is side-impact approved as are all car seats are in the United States.

This brings us to an important note. All car seats being sold in the United States at the time of writing this have passed the standard and necessary safety tests. This means they are good enough to hold up to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) crash test standards. The data used to collect this information consists of the proper installation of a car seat with the inclusion of crash test dummies of varying heights and weights. The sensors in the dummies measure the amount of force a child will sustain in an accident. The force is typically measured at the head and chest area. We believe you should be aware that every car seat sold has to pass these safety regulations. The differences don't lie in safety insomuch as in additional safety features or other bells and whistles.

  • Ease of Installation
  • Ease of use
  • Comfort and Quality
  • Warranty
  • Maximum rear-facing weight: 40 pounds
  • Maximum forward-facing weight: 65 pounds
  • Maximum forward-facing height: 49 inches
  • Weight: 15.8 pounds
  • Width: 12 inches at the base (22 inches at the cup holders)


  • Converts to four positions
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to convert
  • Wide range of harness positions
  • Many color patterns available


  • Infant position reclines less than regular infant seats
  • Difficult to rec
  • Uncomfortable back
  • Child may sweat a lot while riding

Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Featuring Rapid Remove Machine...
  • Designed to help protect your rear-facing infant from 4-40 lbs. and your forward-facing toddler from 22-65 lbs.
  • Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest to 8 positions, in one motion, to...
  • Side-impact tested-in addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable U.S. safety standards, the Size4Me car seat has...

One feature the SizeForMe 65 has is an adjustable headrest which makes changing the level of the harness incredibly easy. No rethreading required. This seat has also been side-impact rated, which is above and beyond the standard. The cover can be removed to wash without taking the whole unit out.

SureRide Convertible Car Seat, Carson
  • 2 Seats in 1: Two Modes of Harness use - Rear-Facing and Forward-Facing
  • e3 Expanded Zone of Protection: 3 layers of energy-absorbing foam provide superior protection and reduces side impact...
  • Up-Front Harness Adjust: Central, front access to harness adjuster provides an easy way to adjust child's harness for an...

One of the nicer elements of this seat is the extra pad that can be used to add more comfort. The cover can also be removed for washing. There is a removable cup holder.

Pros and Cons

Little girl is sitting at the graco my ride 65 car seat

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We know how important this decision is, and in order to further help we wanted to give you every opportunity to the have some necessary information at your disposal. Below are the pros and cons for the My Ride 65, keeping in mind the other products we've compared it to above.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Color-coded strap system
  • Greater depth allowing for children to sink in from birth to school-age


  • Fixed cup holders make it much wider than the base
  • Adjusting the harness and threading, it can be complicated


Keeping your child secure in a vehicle can weigh heavily on your mind. We hope that we helped make the decision easier by giving you the most relevant information on the Graco My Ride 65 Convertible car seat. If you're looking for a pretty basic, good-quality car seat for your child that will take him or her from birth to seat belt, this should be a product you consider. Even though the harness can be challenging to rethread and adjust, and the unit is very wide, it is a good option. At this price point, it is an affordable car seat that is relatively simple to install and use, and it performs well in crash tests.


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