Best Car Seat Buyer’s Guide: Top 10 Rated Car Seats

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When it comes to your child’s safety, you will always be willing to do whatever it takes to keep your little one safe and healthy. There are many perils that put your child at risk when riding in the back of your car. While you surely hope no accidents will occur with your child in the car, there is always the possibility a collision will happen when you drive.

Comparison Table

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Product FAQs

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Why Should You Buy a Car Seat?

To help keep your child safe in case of an accident, you will need to purchase a car seat. A car seat can save your child’s life and is designed to take the impact of a crash so your child won’t.

How Do You Choose a Car Seat?

While buying a car seat might seem like a simple task, there are many things to consider when choosing your child’s car seat. His or her age, height, weight and the size of your car are all factors that you'll need to consider when buying a car seat.  

Where Can You Buy a Car Seat?

You can find car seats for sale at most major retailers, stores that specialize in baby products, and online.

How We Determined Our Ratings

Every car seat in this guide was well-researched and reviewed for its safety, comfort, convenience, design and durability. We read through many customer reviews, articles, product descriptions, technical specifications and more. These are all top-rated car seats, so we include the customer rating in each review, but we also determined a score of our own based on how these products measure up to our rating system.

Overall Price Range

The average price for a car seat is around $$$. However, this price varies greatly. There are some cheaper car seats that are under $$$. Most mid-range car seats will be close to $$$. There are a few very high-end car seats that cost between $$$ and $$$.

Top 10 Rated Car Seats 

[amazon link=”B07CVCHKTT” title=”Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX (TrueShield)” /]

[amazon box=”B07CVCHKTT”]

Where To Buy:

This car seat is designed for small infants and can be used as a carrier or attached to a car seat base. The canopy is easy to move back and forth and will effectively block the sun from your infant’s sensitive eyes. This car seat is easy to install with a quick LATCH attachment, and the base can be put in four different positions so it can fit in any vehicle. You’ll know your child is secure with the sound of a click.


  • Affordable infant car seat
  • Can be connected to a compatible stroller or used as a carrier for convenient travel
  • Canopy for adding extra shade
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to adjust the height of the harness
  • Can only be used while you child is an infant under 35 pounds

[amazon link=”B00MS9VTG0″ title=”Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B00MS9VTG0″]

Where To Buy:

his infant car seat by Chicco is considered to be one of the safest car seats you can buy for your new baby. There are some convenient features that make this car seat super easy to install. There is a spring-loaded leveling foot to help the base sit at the correct angle, level indicators to shows you if the base is angled correctly and a convenient tightening latch that makes it easy to secure the base into place. The car seat easily clicks in and out of the base so it can be a carrier, become a stroller seat, or fit onto a base in a different car. It is also easy to adjust the harness by simply pulling on a strap in the front of the car seat.  


  • Top-rated infant car seat
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Can be used as a stroller seat


  • Heavier car seat that will be hard to carry around
  • Can only be used for an infant

[amazon link=”B013YCX22I” title=”Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B013YCX22I”]

Where To Buy:

The Britax Marathon is a comfortable car seat that adjusts with your child until he or she reaches 65 pounds. You can adjust the harness to 14 different positions and make sure your child is comfortable with seven different reclining positions. Unlike other car seats that are hard to install, the Britax Marathon’s setup is as easy as it gets. It does what it is designed to do and includes many impact-absorbing elements to keep your child safe in case of a crash.


  • ClickTight installation system is safe and easy to use
  • Easily adjusts


  • Customers complain of tight crotch area
  • More expensive option
  • Does not transition into a booster seat

[amazon link=”B079PM11WW” title=”Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B079PM11WW”]

Where To Buy:

If you are looking for a car seat that can fit your baby until the need to transfer into a booster, this car seat is a very affordable option by Graco. This car seat is adjustable to give your toddler more leg room so that he or she can safely continue to be rear-facing. You can also adjust the recline and headrest of the car seat. There are two convenient cup holders on this car seat, as well as an easy LATCH system for making the installation a breeze.


  • Allows for comfortable extended rear-facing
  • Affordable option


  • This car seat does not transition into a booster
  • Customers complain that the cover is hard to remove

[amazon link=”B06WVYP7V1″ title=”Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Max Convertible Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B06WVYP7V1″]

Where To Buy:

This car seat for infants and children up to 85 pounds is designed with your child’s safety in mind. The harness and locking system is very secure and easy to adjust. This car seat uses Maxi-Cosi’s patented Air Protect cushioning system to protect your child’s head in a crash.


  • High weight limit
  • Air Protect system adds extra crash protection


  • Expensive option
  • Does not transition into a booster
  • Customers complain about the added chest clip

[amazon link=”B015KFDKB0″ title=”Safety 1st Grow 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B015KFDKB0″]

Where To Buy:

This car seat from the trusted brand Safety 1st can be used as a rear-facing car seat for newborns at 5 pounds, a front-facing car seat at 22 pounds, and a booster seat for older children up to 100 pounds. There is a lot of comfortable cushioning that absorbs impact, and there are even convenient cup holders attached to the seat.


  • All-in-one car seat that transitions into a booster
  • A very affordable price
  • Easy to adjust


  • People have difficulty installing this car seat
  • It is a large car seat not fit for small cars

[amazon link=”B00Y2864DI” title=”Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B00Y2864DI”]

Where To Buy:

This car seat also grows with your child from the time he or she is born until it is safe for him or her to sit in your car without a car seat. This seat has a single cup holder and has excellent cushioning for your child’s comfort. Graco also makes installing the car seat and adjusting it simple with features like InRight Latch for a one-second installation and a harness adjusting system that moves the harness and headrest in one easy motion.


  • All-in-one car seat
  • Easy to adjust and install
  • Very affordable


  • Some customers complain that toddlers can loosen straps

[amazon link=”B00O8RRMAW” title=”Evenflo Symphony DLX All-In-One Convertible Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B00O8RRMAW”]

Where To Buy:

This car seat can grow with your 5-pound newborn until he or she reaches 110 pounds. Evenflo, the industry leader in safety and Rollover Standards, includes its E3 side impact protection to keep your child safe in an accident. Installing this car seat should be easy with Sure Latch connectors that allow you to simply click the car seat into place. The harness is easy to adjust, and changing the recline on the car seat is super simple.


  • All-in-one car seat
  • Exceeds safety standards
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Affordable option


  • Harness is not very durable, according to customer reviews

[amazon link=”B076PS61XS” title=”Diono Radian RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B076PS61XS”]

Where To Buy:

This car seat is the perfect convertible car seat for you if you have a smaller car or have more than one child still in a car seat. This car seat is designed to allow toddlers to remain rear-facing for longer and is super easy to adjust. It uses EPS foam for insulating protection along with an aluminum reinforced head support.


  • Great for larger toddlers and children
  • Compact car seat
  • Very safe and durable
  • All-in-one design


  • Heavy car seat
  • Some people are receiving recalled car seats when ordering from Amazon

[amazon link=”B00Y286A0U” title=”Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat” /]

[amazon box=”B00Y286A0U”]

Where To Buy:

Unlike the other convertible car seats on this guide, this car seat has four positions it can transition to. This car seat has the same position options the other convertible car seats have but with an added backless booster for when your child is older. This car seat can support children up to 120 pounds. Most customers love this car seat.


  • Offers four different positions
  • Can support up to 120 pounds
  • Well reviewed


  • Some customers complain about the headrest

Final Verdict

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The absolute best car seat for its versatility and design is the Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat. This car seat will last ten years or more and comes at a good value at $$$. You will love this car seat because it is convenient and your child will love how comfortable it is. Customers praise this car seat highly and hardly have any complaints about it.


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