Cybex Car Seat: You Must Know Car Seats and Their Laws

Cybex Car Seat: You Must Know Car Seats and Their Laws

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There’s no better investment than protecting your children from potentially traumatic harm due to a car accident. When it comes to car seats, there are lots of options out there, meaning it can take an effort to search through every brand. The Cybex car seat is known to be well-designed, albeit pricey.

Cybex is a German company whose specialty is well-designed, urban-centric child safety products like strollers, baby carriers, and most importantly, car seats. Known for their D.S.F. innovation principle, which stands for design, safety, and functionality, Cybex has transcended its market space to become a style-conscious lifestyle and fashion brand, as well.

Since their merger with Goodbaby International Holdings Limited in 2014, another child safety product producer, Cybex has continued to produce well-reviewed products for those living in urban environments.

The Different Types of Cybex Car Seats

Cybex carries a wide variety of car seats for children from birth to their preteen years. They break up their offerings into distinct age periods.

  • Newborn car seats – from birth up to about 18 months
  • Infant and child car seats – from birth up to about four years
  • Child car seats – from about nine months to four years
  • Infant, child, and preteen car seats – from about nine months to 12 years
  • Child and preteen car seats – from about three to 12 years

Within those age ranges, there are also multiple sub-brands, each with distinct models and sub-brands.

Birth to 18 months

Cloud Q

Aton Q, M, and S

Birth to 4 years


Nine months to 4 years


Nine months to 12 years


Three to 12 years


Birth to 18 Months Car Seats

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Newborn car seats are for kids fresh from the womb and children up to 18 months old. Cybex offers multiple models for kids in this age range, all with an expansive safety feature set. These models are typically rear-facing, meaning that when the child sits in one properly, he or she will be facing the permanent car seat, as opposed to front-facing car seats, which face the same the direction as the driver and other adult passengers.

Perhaps the most popular infant cat seat from Cybex is the Cloud Q Rear-Facing Infant Car Seat. Branded as “luxury travel redefined,” the car seat is ergonomically designed with the ability to transform into a near-flat bed when used outside the car. Its safety features include telescopic sides that protect against side impacts and an adjustable headset. An extendable overhead canopy shields against both sun (it offers SPF 50 protection) and wind.

The Aton Q model is perhaps the next most popular offering from Cybex. While its safety features are not quite as expansive as the Cloud Q, it still does the job with side impact protection and an adjustable headrest. The Aton Q can also transition into on-the-go carrying when combined with Cybex’s Priam stroller.

The Cybex Aton sub-brand offers the baseline Aton, the Aton M, and the Aton 2. All three models focus on safety-first but still pack in some nifty design elements, such as the telescopic canopy and a base that prevents forward rotation in a crash. The Aton 2 is also compatible with all Cybex strollers, making it the perfect choice for the parent on the go.

Birth to 4 Years

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Sirona, Cybex’s model for kids from birth to four years old, has an award-winning safety design. Each unit is capable of rotating 360 degrees, making it easy for parents to install and remove the car seats. It also comes with Cybex’s patented ISOFIX fastening system, which anchors the seat and requires no additional fastening to install the seat.

To further stabilize the car seat, the Sirona includes Seat-to-Chassis technology that connects the seat directly to the car itself. In case of an accident or collision, this feature will distribute the force to the vehicle as soon as possible, further protecting the child secured in the seat.

While rear-facing seats tend to be safer than forward facing ones, up to a specific weight, the Sirona can transition from rear-facing to forward-facing as your child ages. This cuts down on having to purchase yet another car seat once your kid ages out of his or her newborn-sized car seat.

Finally, like other Cybex models, the Sirona comes with side-impact protection. This adds additional protection should your car be involved in a side-impact crash.

Nine Months to 4 Years

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The Juno models are another award-winning offering from Cybex with an extensive set of features.

  • Adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable impact shield
  • Air circulation system
  • ISOFIX connection
  • Lightweight
  • Reclining backrest
  • Side-impact protection

The air circulation system is the unique feature of this model. The car seat’s design improves airflow to ensure a comfortable body temperature for any child that uses the seat.  

The adjustable headrest is especially essential in this model since it covers a wide age range. The average nine-month-old is about 28 inches tall, while the average four-year-old can reach the mountainous height of 40 inches.

Nine Months to 12 Years

Pallas M-Fix


Cybex’s Pallas model is a 2-in-1 seat that works well with infants to preteens. It contains many of the same features as other models, including the adjustable headrest, side-impact protection, and ISOFIX connection. The additional primary element here is a one-hand recline function. The adult or an older child can quickly set the seat into a recline, making it easier to fall asleep when in or out of the car.

Three to 12 Years

Cybex Solution M-fix Car Seat


Solely a front-facing car seat, the Solution model from Cybex grows as your child does and is capable of protecting them up to the age of 12. It contains many of the same features as other models but simply puts them in a car seat designed for older children.

  • Twelve-position height-adjustable headrest
  • ISOFIX connection
  • Optimized ventilation system
  • Patented reclining headrest
  • Side-impact protection

There’s no doubt that car seats are expensive. Cybex, with its focus on urban, style-conscious parents, prices their car seats at a particularly high mark. The Cybex Sirona, one of their award-winning models, will set you back around $330 on Amazon (although they are currently offering $50 off).  

The baseline Cybex Aton costs $199.95, but the Aton 2 model goes up to $249.95. Even if you want the literal base of the Cybex Aton line, you’ll be spending at least $99.

If you want to combine the power of a car seat and a stroller, the Aton 2 travel system will add wheels and a handle so you can push your child along the sidewalk. This combined system is priced at around $400.

Cybex also offers accessories for its car seats, like cup holders and seat adapters. You’ll spend $19.95 or $29.95 on them, respectively.



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Why Use Cybex Car Seats?

As stated earlier, Cybex’s car seats are designed with the urban parent in mind. With models like the Aton, which can combine with any number of Cybex strollers, it’s easy to transition from the car to the sidewalk while maintaining your child’s safety and protection.

Cybex has also won many design awards, including nine Red Dot Design awards, an international design prize. Its parent company, Goodbaby International, helps keep Cybex at the forefront with its seven research and development centers located throughout the world.  

Goodbaby International is known for its innovation. It has been granted over 9200 patents, won more than 250 product testing awards, and received 20 worldwide design awards. Its focus on design and technology helps Cybex continue to focus on what does best – designing world-class safety products to protect children.

When To Use a Car Seat

Deciding what type of car seat to use and when is a matter of your child’s age, as previously mentioned, but also their height and weight. Children should use car seats, including boosters, until they are 4-feet, 9-inches tall or once the seat belt fits naturally over their body.

Generally speaking, the age breakdown for car seats is as follows.


  • Newborn to 2-year-olds should use exclusively rear-facing car seats
  • Two to 4-year-olds should sit in front-facing car seats
  • Four to 12-year-olds should sit in booster seats.
  • Patented reclining headrest

Regardless of height, all children under the age of 13 should sit in the back seat and never ride up front.

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