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Britax is a trusted automotive safety equipment company that has been in business since 1938. Since the 1970s, Britax has manufactured dependable, high-quality child safety seats, travel systems and strollers. All Britax products are designed to keep infants and small children safe and comfortable while putting parents’ minds at ease. The Britax Advocate is a car seat model that features an impact-stabilizing steel frame and absorbing base covered by comfortable plush padding and fabrics.

What Is Advocate?

Britax Advocate

Advocate is a line of premium convertible car seats from Britax that come with a wide range of safety features. The standard model boasts advanced SafeCell impact protection, including an internal steel structure, a base that compresses to divert the force of a collision away from the child in the car seat, and no fewer than three layers of side impact protection. These models also feature a foam-lined headrest, energy-absorbing shell and external cushions for complete comfort and safety.

This convertible seat design provides several safety features that make it easy for parents to properly install this car seat. Auto-level indicators, a clicking harness and easy-to-adjust recline settings make this seat easy to install facing backward or forward in most vehicles. Parents interested in an additional level of protection should consider the Britax Advocate ARB model, which features an anti-rebound bar.

The ClickTight installation system in the Advocate and several other models of Britax car seats simplifies installation. This system allows parents to securely install a car seat using a back-seat seatbelt. This system functions by tensioning and locking the seatbelt to which the Advocate or other Britax car seat is attached, providing a tight and secure installation. This installation system is easy to use and can be helpful in vehicles that do not have the LATCH universal anchorage system. The LATCH system provides a low connection for car seats, whereas the ClickTight system integrates with the safety belts higher up.

If you are considering purchasing an older model of Advocate or another style of Britax car seat with the ClickTight feature, keep in mind that there was a relatively recent recall on seats with this installation system. Car seats manufactured by Britax between August 1, 2014, through July 29, 2015, were recalled due to a potentially defective harness adjuster button. This button may remain in the release position even after you tighten the harness. This stuck button can cause harnesses to loosen and limit the amount of secure protection that older car seat models equipped with the ClickTight system may provide.

In order to comply with this recall, parents should enter the serial number, model number and date of manufacture of the car seat into a search tool on the Britax website. All of the necessary information is available on a sticker located under the front cushion to the right side of the ClickTight dial, which is on the bottom front of the car seat. The recall is a fix-it recall, in which Britax will mail a remedy kit that consists of a non-toxic food-grade lubricant to owners of affected car seats.

Britax Advocate car seats weigh in at slightly over 30 pounds and are somewhat bulky. It is possible to safely install more than one Advocate seat in a spacious vehicle. If you drive a smaller car or carpool with many people, you may want to consider a seat design with a smaller footprint. If you have space, however, Britax makes some of the most comfortable and secure car seats available on the market today.

You can also choose from a wide variety of Britax accessories made to the same high safety and use specifications as the Advocate car seat. Order sun shields, window shades, or even breathable all-weather or insulated cold-weather infant car seat covers. Protect the upholstery in your vehicle with a seat protector and kick mats. Britax also makes it easy for busy parents to organize gear on the go in a backseat caddy, organizer or car seat travel bag.

Choose from additional accessories intended to increase your child’s comfort, such as a convertible cup holder, head and body support pillow, or a waterproof liner custom-designed to fit a Britax car seat. In addition to the built-in comfort of the Advocate and Advocate ARB with anti-rebound bar, these accessories can help you customize a travel solution for your family.

Product Specifications

​Anti-Rebound Bar Option

Advocate ARB

If you choose to purchase the Advocate ARB model, you can add another level of safety to a Britax car seat. The anti-rebound bar connects to the front of car seats with the ClickTight installation system to limit rebound in the event of front impact. This bar can also be used to provide tethering on rear-facing installations if your vehicle is not compatible with the ClickTight system in this position. You should not use this feature in forward-facing installations.

Convertible Styling

Britax Advocate features a quick-adjusting 14-position harness

The Britax Advocate features a quick-adjusting 14-position harness and a buckle with two positions that can be adjusted as your child grows. The harness can move upward, and the buckle can be loosened to provide a fit suitable for children ranging from 5 – 40 pounds in a rear-facing configuration or 20 – 65 pounds in a forward-facing configuration. This seat fits children up to 49 inches tall with a seated shoulder height of 7.6 inches to 18.65 inches rear-facing or 12 inches to 18.65 inches forward-facing.


The sturdy construction and weight of the Britax Advocate make it a durable option for use over the years. The plush foam padding and high-quality fabric on this model are comfortable and easy to clean. The high-quality materials are intended to promote comfort and grow up with your child. All of the domestic and international components used on the Britax Advocate are designed, tested and built in the United States and adhere to the most stringent child-safety standards.


This car seat features seven reclining positions with an automatic level indicator. This feature makes it easy for parents to set a proper recline angle for safety on rear-facing seats and fit the car seat in the vehicle at a comfortable angle in a front-facing installation. The indicator located on the bottom side of the car seat makes it easy to determine how far the seat is reclined and has two different stripes that allow this feature to function whether a car seat is installed facing the rear or the front of the vehicle.

When combined with the adjustable buckle and harness, this seat will continue to provide safety for your child throughout their early years of life and is useful when transporting other children as well. Quick-adjust settings allow you to make sure that your child is always comfortable without having to wrestle with any of the settings on this convertible seat. The styling of these car seats also enables parents to install more than one car seat in the back of a spacious vehicle.


Some car seat makers are ambiguous about the warranties on their products. Britax provides a one-year warranty on the Advocate, and this seat has a 10-yearexpiration window. This enables many parents to use the Britax Advocate as a car seat for multiple children. If this car seat is involved in a crash, replace it regardless of the expiration window.

Weight and Dimensions

A Britax Advocate car seat weighs in at 30.6 pounds and measures 20.5 inches wide, 23.5 inches high and 23 inches deep. The seat area depth is 10.5 inches, and the width of this area is 11.5 inches with a shoulder area width of 16 inches. This seat is considerably larger than the Boulevard model, which weighs in at 29.4 pounds and measures 18.5 inches wide, 23.5 inches high and 23 inches deep with an equivalent seat area and shoulder width.


The Advocate is the most fully-featured convertible car seat model from Britax. Its pricing is comparable with other premium models from brands such as Chicco, CYBEX, Evenflo, Graco, Maxi-Cosi and UPPAbaby. The safety features of the Britax Advocate exceed all of the other convertible models from Britax and are competitive with other car seats in this price range.

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How the Britax Advocate Compares

Chicco Next Fit Ix Zip Air Convertible Car Seat

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Ease of Use:

​Assembly Time:

​Build Quality:

​Pros and Cons


  • Improved ClickTight Installation 
  • Three layers of side impact protection 
  • 14-position easy-adjust harness never needs to be retreaded. 


  • Recent recall on ClickTight seats means buyers should make sure seat is post-recall or send in for a repair kit.


If you are shopping for a safe and well-constructed mid-range convertible car seat, you should seriously consider the Britax Advocate. The construction and materials in this model are top-of-the-line, and the seat is available with several different insert colors and patterns. Parents also have the option to upgrade to the version equipped with an anti-rebound for rear-facing installations for only thirty dollars more. If you purchase this bar separately, you will end up paying $10 extra, so it is best to order to Advocate ARB model if you want this feature.

The value and durability of the Britax Advocate are on par with the most trusted car seat brands. Cutting corners on a car seat may compromise not only your child’s comfort, but also the overall durability and value of the car seat, and your child’s safety. A number of parents who have written reviews of the Advocate have experienced accidents with children in the car. All of these reviewers remark on the exceptional protection that this seat provided for their children and the vast majority purchase the same model again.  

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