Cosco Apt 40RF: Car Seat Reviews and Essential Information

Cosco Apt 40RF: Car Seat Reviews and Essential Information

When you’re shopping for car seats, it can be tough to find one that doesn’t include a lot of unnecessary features. While safety and comfort are worth every penny, some other additions are costly and can seem frivolous. Many parents, when looking for a car seat at a great price that doesn't cut any comfort or safety, chose the Cosco Apt 40RF. However, this model has been discontinued and is now replaced by the Cosco Apt 50. This model is almost identical, with a few small improvements. It falls in the same price range and has the same features. This guide will give you all the information you need about the updated Apt 50, including customer ratings and professional reviews. You’ll also see a head-to-head comparison with other car seat brands, and a pros and cons list. We'll also answer some of your biggest questions about car seats and convertible car seats. Check out this popular, affordable car seat, and your child will ride in comfort and style.

Types of Car Seats

types of car seats

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Not all car seats have ratings for the same use. Despite their similar looks and builds, car seats are all rated for different heights and weights. There are four basic categories of car seats. It’s important to check the specific guidelines for each seat. Don’t assume a car seat will work for your child just because it fits into one of these categories. Each one meets a slightly different set of needs. There is a lot of overlap in height and weight between car seat types, so if your child is nearing the limit, it’s a good idea to buy a new car seat early. That way they won’t suddenly outgrow their car seat, with no other option available.

Infant Car Seats

These seats are made for the tiniest tots and newest babies. They typically use an easily-detachable seat that you can take with you inside. It’s perfect for gently carrying your little one in and out of the car, and it prevents their seat from becoming too hot or cold. These seats are rear-facing, and your child will usually grow out of them when they reach around 20 to 30 pounds in weight or 30 to 32 inches in height. They are for small infants, so these car seats can accommodate infants as light as 4 pounds.

Convertible Car Seats

Most parents will tell you that your child can seemingly become 30 pounds in the blink of an eye. While infant car seats can be a great option, you will soon need to replace it with a larger seat. Convertible car seats overlap a great deal with infant seats, but also provide space for a larger and taller child. These seats are convertible because they can make the transition from rear-facing to forward-facing. Typically, you should keep your child in the rear-facing position for as long as possible, because it’s far safer for them. Some convertible car seats are safe for children as heavy as 80 pounds, but many only accommodate 40 pounds. There are different height and weight requirements for both forward- and rear-facing, so be sure to read the owner’s manual of your car seat carefullyt.

Booster Seats

Once your child has outgrown a convertible car seat, he or she will be ready for a booster seat. These devices are either a full chair with a back or simply a large cushion. They allow your child to use a seat belt in a safe manner until he or she is tall enough to sit in a seat on their own.

All-In-One Car Seats

Many car seats are available that can support a child until he or she is ready for a seat belt. These convenient seats are generally premium-quality and highly adjustable. They are safe for children and infants beginning from birth all the way until they are tall enough for a seat belt. While they are comfortable and convenient, be sure to check the price on each option. Some all-in-one seats cost more than buying an infant seat, convertible seat and booster seat.

Why Choose the Cosco Apt 50?

The Cosco Apt 50 is the new and improved version of the Apt 40RF. It’s one of the most cost-effective seats on the market and has plenty of protection and padding for maximum comfort. It’s designed to support rear-facing children between 5 and 40 pounds, and forward-facing children between 22 and 50 pounds. This car seat uses a five-point harness and side impact protection in order to meet or exceed federal safety standards. It’s functional as a safety seat on airplanes and is lightweight enough to carry through the airport easily in a carrying bag. The car seat has two built-in cup holders. You can adjust the shoulder straps to six different positions, and the buckle to three different positions. The entire padded cover is safe for both the washing machine and dryer, and it comes in five different colors. The seat is installed using the LATCH system, which is easy to take off, but difficult to install and tighten securely. The seat is primarily designed to be affordable, effective and efficient. It isn’t the least expensive seat from Cosco but offers more padding and a higher weight limit than their most affordable seat.

Is the Cosco Apt 50 Safe?

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Safety is the number one concern for any parent. No one wants to cut corners on car seats, only to have their child to be injured should the worst happen. Because of this, it’s sometimes difficult to choose an affordable car seat, for fear of losing out on safety features. While more expensive car seats do boast additional levels of safety, all Cosco seats meet or exceed the federal safety standards for car seats. Customers have reported using the Apt 50 when they experienced a car accident, and their child remained unharmed. Of course, if your car seat isn’t installed properly, or if the harness is not adjusted correctly, you may be putting your child at risk. Always check the straps and connections in your car seat to ensure a safe ride. If in doubt, contact a professional to have your car seat installation inspected for free.


  • $59.99
  • 5-40 pounds for rear-facing position
  • 22-50 pounds for front-facing position
  • Five-point harness
  • Adjustable harness and buckle
  • Two cup holders
  • Certified for use on an airplane
  • Meets or exceeds federal safety standards



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The Cosco Apt 50 and its competitors represent some of the most affordable car seats on the market. The price of these seats ranges from $59.99 to $150.00. There are some seats that are less expensive than these, but they lack some basic comfort features. There are many car seats that are far more expensive than the convertible car seats on this list. Car seats can range from $49.98 to over $500. Less expensive seats offer a smaller range in weight limits and less padding. More premium seats come with a whole host of unique features designed to improve the safety, comfort and convenience of your car seat. However, more expensive seats are typically far heavier and more difficult to fit in smaller vehicles.

How It Compares

Take a look at each of these car seats, and compare their features. Car seats with a high ease-of-use rating are simple to adjust, clean and strap your child into. Assembly time refers to both installing your car seat and adjusting the harness for your child. Seats with a high build quality are comfortable, durable and have additional features that make them more convenient for both you and your child. All three car seats are best sellers, so consider which one fits your needs.

Cosco Apt 50

  • $59.99
  • Ease of Use: 4 stars
  • Assembly Time: 3 stars
  • Build Quality: 4 stars

Graco Contender 65

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No products found.

  • $88.79
  • Ease of Use: 4 stars
  • Assembly Time: 4 stars
  • Build Quality: 4 stars

This seat is a great mid-range choice. It’s still an affordable seat, but it features a few convenience and comfort additions. First, the headrest and harness can easily adjust without removing the seat. This can save you lots of time and headache. It also has an extra layer of foam padding for both the seat and headrest. It only comes with one cup holder, but it’s also a convenient, built-in accessory. However, it’s more expensive than the Cosco Apt 50, which makes it less of a budget pick.

Evenflo Triumph LX

  • $150.00
  • Ease of Use: 4 stars
  • Assembly Time: 5 stars
  • Build Quality: 5 stars

The Triumph LX starts to feature some of the more premium elements in car seat design. The harness on this car seat slides, which makes it quick and easy to adjust the harness to fit your child. As your child grows, you can also use the adjustable knobs to loosen the shoulder straps. This car seat can recline, which allows you to position your child in the most comfortable position, whether they are awake or sleeping. There are many different color options to choose from. While it’s considerably more expensive than the Cosco Apt 50, this convertible seat offers plenty of high-end features at a mid-range price. If you would like some of the convenience of a premium car seat and want to give your child the safety and comfort of one, consider the Evenflo Triumph LX.

Pros and Cons of the Cosco Apt 50

Pros Cons

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As you consider purchasing this bestselling car seat, carefully weigh the pros and cons. There are many positive reasons to buy it, but there are also unfavorable reviews and areas where a higher-quality car seat may provide a more cost-effective option.


This car seat is an excellent value for its price. For $59.99, it’s the most affordable car seat that can accommodate children up to 50 pounds. Its versatile design allows it to be used for an extended range of your child’s car seat needs, and it’s lightweight enough to transport easily. This makes it one of the most effective car seats for air travel. The removable cover makes the Apt 50 easy to wash. It covers all the basics of the Apt 40RF, but has a higher weight limit rating. Customers found it easy to install and comfortable for their children. The built-in cup holders are perfect for snacks and drinks. The additional side impact protection makes it an extraordinarily safe car seat, so you don’t have to sacrifice safety for a well-priced convertible car seat.


While the cover does have padding, this car seat is far less comfortable than its competitors. Your child may not mind during short trips, but it might not be the most comfortable choice for extended rides in the car. The buckles and cover require you to remove the seat completely in order to adjust or remove them, which makes it time-consuming as your child grows. If you are looking for the most affordable seat, the Cosco Scenera NEXT is more affordable than this model. It’s missing many of the convenience and comfort features of a more premium-priced car seat.


The Cosco Apt 50, Cosco's newest addition replacing the Apt 40RF, receives 4 out of 5 stars. While it’s a very affordable and safe car seat, it still is missing some additional convenience and luxury features of car seats that are priced slightly higher. The Graco Contender 65 offers more cushioning on both the seat and headrest and easily adjusts to accommodate your growing child. The Evenflo Triumph LX, while considerably more expensive, has a remarkable range of convenience and comfort. Both of these car seats represent a major upgrade in time-saving techniques, but they are more costly than the Apt 50. If you are looking for the most budget-friendly seat that is light enough to use for airplane travel, safe enough to let you sleep at night and comfortable enough for naps in the car, the Cosco Apt 50 is an excellent choice for you and your child.

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